How I make extra $ each month as a student with simple online surveys

Unfortunately for a lot of us college students, being a ‘broke college student’ isn’t just a cliche, it’s reality. I have a part time job, but never seem to have enough money with just that. I’ve tried

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The sock bun has become so popular in the past couple of years, and it is a hair style that is chic and easy for so many occasions, whether it be the polished finish to a casual

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We’re all familiar with putting a fabric or ribbon bow in your hair – but making a bow out of your hair is a different story. I’ve seen pictures of this gorgeous hairstyle around a bit lately,

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Whether you love the vintage look for day to day wear, just when your going out or need it for a costume, these 4 great tutorials are sure to help you achieve a gorgeous vintage look by

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The fishtail braid has been around for a long time, it’s one that I remember wearing to school when I was little (about 20 years ago!). This style has made a come back recently, seen on the

Maid of honor speeches (with examples)

So you’re the maid of honor, and among the many tasks that entails, you will additionally need to prep a terrific speech for the wedding day celebrations. It’s wonderful to prep exactly what you will deliver in